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Live Empty

Every day we try to keep God’s word and live like Jesus lived. Often, we suck at this and are forced to rely on grace to try again. We strive to have these qualities, though we realize it will take a lifetime for these attitudes to take root in our souls. This is our definition of living empty. 

Opt In

Sometimes the instructions are not glamorous and they almost always take you away from your present level of personal comfort. Often times it involves sacrificing some personal affluence. It will always involve the process of making you more like Jesus. This is the real reward of Christianity. You won't be allowed to stay the same. You will be transformed. 

Our Front Porch

We needed a place that was equally accessible for those that like to talk, but also for those who prefer to listen. But the idea of sitting on the front porch is, admittedly, an outdated one. Still, we recognized the need, but were not sure of a solution. But then it all became clear. 

The Bones of Our Beliefs

You cannot act in a way that is consistent with your belief unless you know the consistency of your beliefs. The journey from the head to the heart, that is the intellectual agreement with information to the personal acceptance and application of information, is a long and often misunderstood process. This is true for you and for your church. 

 This is the skeleton that forms the foundation of Empty Church's belief system. Everything we do is held together by these principles.