Talk Faith

Talk Faith

Why talk about your faith?

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While faith is a personal property it is a collective experience. Whether you know it our not, what you believe in, how you set the course of your life, directly and perpetually impacts every person around you. Why? Because it affects you! It influences how you judge (rightly or wrongly) situations and people. Your belief system helps you make decisions on where to go, who to meet-up with, and how you spend your time. And your choices affect others - sometimes in small ways and other times in more significant ways. 

If your faith has such a large influence on you and those around you wouldn’t it be wise to make sure that it was refined? 

Why We Talk About Faith

Talking about your personal faith with friends helps keep it sharp. Proverbs says as iron sharpens iron so do friends keep one another sharp. We know that faith has a tendency to waver, that is, to be stronger or weaker in light of current circumstances. It can become dull amidst the storms of life. That is why we need friends to help keep our faith sharp in difficult times. 

But staying sharp is not the only reason to talk about your faith. Faith and discipleship is a lifelong process and is clouded by many presumptions. The Holy Spirit reveals many things to us as we read the Bible and as we spend time in prayer. But the message of the Holy Spirit can get muddled by the messages we watch, hear, and read that are provided by a culture that does not share the same type of faith. Because this happens our faith constantly needs examined and refined. There is no better way to test what you are thinking than by talking about it with a group of friends. 

So Others Can Know

Always remember, while faith is personal it is not meant to be private. Its not meant to be arrogantly misused to condemn people either - but that is another blog post. If your faith in Jesus has saved you from the bondage of sin that is a worthy story to share! It is a story that may be influential in the rescue of someone else. We talk about faith with others so their worldview may be refined and sharpened. 

The story that the Bible tells is full of dialogue. God speaks to people, people speak to God, and people talk with each other. Why? Because faith is both personal and collective and the story of the journey is meant to be shared. Some of Jesus’ final words were the exhortation to Go and talk so that many more people can learn to follow.  We talk about faith because Jesus told us to. 

Not So Easy is it?



It is hardly socially acceptable to talk about faith in the places where you most find yourself. Your job may have rules against talking about religious topics. The school that you attend openly dismisses the Bible as viable. Your family may want nothing to do with your talk about Jesus. These environments make it difficult to openly talk about your faith. 

As scary as the public profession of faith can be, I think it is often times hard to talk about your faith with people who are closest to you. The private discussion of faith can be terrifying because we are afraid of what our friends and co-workers will personally think about us. The opinions of those closest to us are the ones we hold most valuable and talking about faith can upset the balance of the carefully crafted relationship. 

If these obstacles were not enough you also have to deal with yourself. Sometimes we don’t want to talk about our faith because we are afraid we’ve got it all wrong. Or maybe the reason we keep quiet is that we feel that we have not learned enough about the Bible to have the “correct” response. Our insecurities keep us from talking about Jesus because we don’t want to sound foolish. This fear is exactly why we started Another Empty Conversation

We’re Here to Help. 

Empty Church is here to help. We want to make it easy for you to talk about your faith. We publish articles and produce a podcast to spark your thoughts and give you something to talk about. We found that most of our conversations started with the phrase “Hey, did you get that article I sent you?” We want you to be able to start a discussion on faith by sending a link or sharing a tweet. 

Leaving comments or sending us an email are great ways to get clarification on something you may not understand. Commenting on blog posts submits your question to the wisdom of the crowd. We are a small community of believers that are tied to the larger community of Christians around the world. The answers you might be looking for might be found in the comment section. If you don’t want your question to be public you can always email us at

What are you waiting for?

Talking about faith with others  keeps your faith on point. It helps others know the truth that you are coming to know. When you talk about your faith you are directly responding to Jesus’ command. We know that it can be scary to talk honestly about your faith but we are here to help. So what are you waiting for? Who can you send an article today? Who can you talk to today? Who is the one person you need to have an Empty Conversation with? 

What are you waiting for? Go talk to them!

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