The Empty Church Difference

The Empty Church Difference

Church from a different angle. 

When we approached the idea of starting Empty Church and producing a show for you, we wanted to engage you in a different way. We wanted to invite you to sit at the table with us while we talked about our faith. At Empty Church we talk about faith. We live Empty.  We opt in to following Jesus. 

Churches offer thousands of sermons that you can download and listen to at your convenience. You can listen in the car or on the Metro while you are commuting to work. You can listen while you are at the gym or doing chores around the house. Access to sermons from around the world is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone or a click on your computer. 

It is important to us, that we don’t just talk at you – like a traditional sermon – but talk with you. That is why we love when you leave comments on Facebook and Twitter. It is why we chose SoundCloud to host our show, Another Empty Conversation. It is simply the best platform to interact with you. 

Why produce a podcast?

Ultimately we want you to be able to talk to your friends about topics of faith and following Jesus. We recognize that we are judged by what we have to say and what we believe.  We know it can be a nerve racking experience because the last thing anyone wants is to sound uneducated or misinformed. 

Our show strives to uncover the context of a faith discussion. We try not to throw out unrelated facts or "talking points" just to prove how smart we are. We strive to answer the question "How should we then live?" in the light of what the Bible says to us. 

We know that morphing the deep-rooted patterns of life to what the Bible says is not accomplished overnight. We are in the process of changing every day. Each show, then, becomes a peek into our lives at that moment. All the progression and regression is shared publicly in hopes that you will be encouraged to never give up on your faith. 

How to get the most from Empty Church.

One of things that we noticed is that many of our conversations began with someone sharing a blog or news article that they read online. When we meet together one of the most common questions is, “Did you get that article I sent you?” And magically, a conversation is born. 

In order to help you out, we have created companion blogs and articles that are directly linked to each show. They can be accessed on our webpage and you can get to them by clicking on the “Read” link on the homepage. 

All relevant blogs have a hashtag that link it to the appropriate podcast. We also place links to the blogs in the show notes of every show. You can also use the search feature on the side bar of every page. Simply type in the #hashtag and a list of related content will show up. 

These hashtags can also be used when we are interacting on social media. Drop us a tweet with the appropriate hashtag and we instantly know what episode  are talking about. Just make sure that you follow the rules

It is up to you. 

Empty Church is opt-in. That is, you get to choose how much you get involved. We love it when you share, post, comment, agree, and disagree with what you see from Empty Church. But we also realize that some people would rather pause, ponder, and then move on with their day. We are cool with that, too. 

If you like what you are reading and hearing, make sure you don't miss a thing. Here are the best ways to keep up with Empty Church:

  1. Follow on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. (Others are coming soon.)
  2. Sign up for email updates from Empty Church and Another Empty Conversation 
  3. Use RSS to access every new show and blog that we produce. 
  4. Frequently visit Empty.Church on the web. 

Thanks for stopping by. We will see you soon. Until then, Live Empty. Not Hollow. 

The Bones of Our Beliefs

The Bones of Our Beliefs